Suits 2x10 Promo “High Noon” (HD) (by televisionpromos)

O No the summer finale 

Suits 2x04 Promo “Discovery” (HD) (by televisionpromos)

Back in 2 weeks. Tanner is back to screw with Harvey. 

Catch 3 Sneak Peeks at Suits Episode 2.02 'The Choice'

Hardman is coming for Jessica’s job and Harvey is trying to help. 

Suits - 2x02 - The Choice - Promo (HD) (by KKWorld12)

First Details On Suits Episode 2.02 'The Choice' 2.03 'Meet the New Boss' & 2.04 'Discovery'

Information on episodes to come!!!!

5 Sneak Peeks at Suit's Season Two Premiere Episode 'She Knows'

Can’t wait. So excited